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About Us

Royal Brat, Inc. is a family owned company with the goal of selling the most gorgeous and unique products available for both baby and child. In 2010 we became moms and as new moms we did what most new moms do we shopped for our daughters! We had a blast dressing our daughters up, paying close attention to their style and making sure the accessories and shoes always matched the outfits. We did it because it was fun, and it wasn't until people began to notice and say, That's adorable, where do you get that? that is when we realized we were on to something special and unique. Our passion for designer clothes and accessories combined with the increased demand for quality children's products propelled us to launch ROYAL BRAT. We would love to hear from you about how we can make Royal Brat your favorite place to shop! If there is a boutique brand you love that you think we should carry, please let us know too! We are always adding to our list of designers and really like our customer's suggestions.